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All our products are made exclusively from Mulard ducks that are reared in the Landes Region in France. Free range and 100% naturally fed using neither animal flour nor GM food.

It took MrDuck a long time to choose a supplier who was both able to provide the best quality ducks and committed to an environmentally-friendly approach making no compromises with regards to the welfare of the animals.

Traceability, Health and Safety:

Each step is checked, controlled and marked on each product and by batch number. We follow HACCP guidelines and are regularly checked by independent Health Officers.

All products are tested by EUROFINS LTD laboratories on four levels:

  • Bacteriological
  • Physicochemical
  • Ageing of the product
  • Health measures

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Happy customers

Mr Duck has the best confit of duck I’ve ever tasted


The Spectator

Best Speciality – London and South East England


Great Taste Awards

I recently became acquainted with Mr Duck; both with the owner, Thomas and his food.

The food is absolutely amazing, made to the highest standards. It is both technically and tastefully impressive.


Enigma Audio London

I absolutely adore Mr Duck and can not recommend it enough. I could eat his rillettes for the rest of my life. The duck burgers in summer are exquisite and an amazing change and upgrade from the perpetual beef burgers, guaranteed to impress and last but not least, his wine selection is top notch for a very good price too!


Stephanie Christ

I’ve been using duck confit, rillettes and duck fat for many years. I can only praise the quality and service.
Even tucked away in the middle of nowhere we always get deliveries on time in top class packaging


Claude Paillet

Very Good quality Duck best and great wine selection.
Highly recommended!
Merci Mr Duck 👍


Fabrice Guercio

Amazing tasty and quality products. Such a pleasure to eat every time. I have impressed few Christmas with it. Excellent service, Thomas is always here for you. I will recommend all his products with pride. Love everything, especially the Foie Gras with Rémy Martin XO Cognac and the confit of duck. Thank you for your délice!


Emilie Raynal

Cannot recommend Mr Duck enough! Fantastic products (the fois gras is to die for) and the service is quick and friendly. Thomas Maieli is totally professional and a pleasure to deal with. Treat yourself to some truly amazing produce


Caroline Johnson

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