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“Mr. Duck was great…the products were exceptional….I would definitely use them again”

Matt Tebbutt, Saturday kitchen presenter,

Interview on the Gaby Roslin Show

Listen again to Mr Duck on the Gaby Roslin Show

‘The sausage was incredibly well-made, with a good strong flavour and nice seasoning . I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, especially as it’s not normally my kind of thing, but I was very impressed with how it was made’

Ben Tish
Culinary Director of Norma Restaurant and The Stafford

2020 - Coverage in Evening Standard

MrDuck are an award-winning artisanal food producer based in West London, who have been specialising in 100% duck products for the last decade. French owner Thomas Maieli imports his ducks ethically from France and creates various products in their Perivale kitchen before selling them online to customers.

God save the Queen, or rather God save Mr Duck

Mr Duck is a French entrepreneur master chef based in London. Since 2006 he has been cooking a duck confit and foie gras unlike any other. For the keen readers of lePetitJournal.com Londres, we’ve been able to meet this crazy duck. This interview really put a smile on our face.

Coverage in Spectator - LIFE


Thomas Maieli, from chef with the football team of Paris St Germain, to Hollywood, before becoming Mr Duck in London

Thomas Maieli fell into the magic world of cooking from a very young age. Fascinated by the talents of his grandmother and his mother, he grew up ensconced in their kitchen. To channel his energy, his father sent him at the age of 10 to spend the summer at Cap d’Agde to help his uncle who owned a restaurant there. “I peeled mountains of potatoes and cleaned tumbrels of mussels. It was tough, but I loved the atmosphere”.

2016/17 - GTA Award winners

2016 - Mr Duck gets acknowledgement from Danny Lidgate & Hattie Ellis for kindly providing three recipes


Great coverage

2012 - GTA Award winners

2012 - Coverage

2012 - Now stocked in Sefridges

2011 - Opening MrDuck Restaurant - Le Troquet

2011 - Mr duck tasting with Stephen Fry & virtual farmers market

Mr Duck Now at Protobelo Market

It was in 2010 we got a new logo














In October 2009

tasting at classic fine food and presentation of the product



interview by Marcus (virtual farmers market)



In 2006

The business was launch in my garage in 2006 – like so many businesses it was a great place to start

MrDuck chef for  PSG 1998

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