Let's go!

For this Chinese new year You can now make your favourite duck dish at your own kitchen using our confit duck from Mr Duck.

Thank you  Aaj Fernando for doing this receipes for MrDuck Ltd

Aaj is a world travelled chef who cut his teeth in London as well as in Europe and the Middle East. working at some of the most renowned pan Asian restaurants moving to Executive head chef and Director of food. He opened the award-winning knightsbridge restaurant buddha bar and was the executive chef of Ricker Restaurants in London.



Let’s make crispy duck.


Serves – 4 people 

Prep time – 25 mins 


Mr Ducks, confit duck legs                           4pc

Chinese pancakes (WAY ON)                      4 packs (usually 5 in a pack)

hoisin sauce  (lee kum kee)                         200g

chilli garlic paste  (lee kum kee)                  1TBS

cucumber (remove seeds)                          1 pc

spring onion white part                                100g

your preferred oil for frying



“THE DUCK LEGS ARE READY” we mean it. So all you have to do is reheat it and enjoy it with our spicy hoisin sauce.



  • Preheat the oven to 180c
  • place the duck legs in the oven on an oven tray for 20 mins.
  • heat up a pan to medium heat and sear the duck legs skin side down for about 2 mins. the skin will become crispy. shred the duck using a fork.
  • While the duck legs are in the oven, cut the spring onions and cucumber into long strips.
  • For the spicy hoisin sauce, mix together the hoi sin sauce and chilli garlic paste. It’s a simply delicious combination
  • to reheat the pancakes, simply place a pack of pancakes in a Microwave for 15 seconds.


Now let’s build the  pancakes.

  • pick up a pan cake
  • spread the spicy hoisin sauce
  • place some of the shredded duck in the middle of the pancake
  • place 3-4 strips of spring onion and cucumber on top of the duck
  • add more sauce if you want it more spicier
  • wrap it up like you wrap a present
  • and enjoy!

You can also purchase already shredded duck legs. You can follow the same steps to make the duck pancakes.

Aaj Fernando